Tuesday, August 04, 2009



Life offers not just wonders

Beyond that lots more to ponder.

The enigmas like onion layers

Lay on one upon another.

We stumble across many mysteries

And, all become part of our story.

The glorious morning smile of the roses and tulips

The welcoming sun that rises from behind the hills

The shy trees that dance gaily

And the wind that plays hide and seek

Expanding arms of the hills,

A woman with her child on a bicycle

Beautiful batik sarong she wears with terompah on her feet

Cycling cheerfully dreaming of delicious food

To the market she heads with a rattan basket in her hand,

Children scurries here and there with kites flying high

Signs the signature of delightful childhood moments,

Broken car halts in the middle of the road

Passersby energized the push forward

The driver sweats profusely

Though in driver’s seat he is comfortably seated,

Young girls and old women hand in hand

Walk with wild stories on their lips

Before the destination reached culmination

Of whatever intentions they have,

Young boys’ adrenalin races high

At the sight of the beautiful girls

And each side grin to the best

Their mouth can no more stretch.

In a corner sits the old beggar

With tattered shirt and baggy pants

A piece of old towel spread across

Silently prays for good return of the day.

The dogs wagging at the scenes

Expecting someone to be kind

And the birds chirp to the best

In celebration of a fine day,

So much to be told

Yet so much I have to hold

Because the story is in the journey

And not the destination

And my book can contain no more

Like a river the story shall swell

And overflow.

And, the journey through the story

Take me towards my destination

The diary.

©cyclopseven.All rights reserved 040809.

Errors under your tender care.

Mistakes are mine.

Corrections are yours.


  1. I so enjoyed reading this, Cyclop :)

    very nicely written,


  2. " wild stories ....on their lips"....liked the way you put it across.

  3. A wonderful story of life. Nice flow.

  4. Nice images in the poem, you built upon Vvenus66's poem with your journey theme. I like the river metaphor at the end.