Friday, July 31, 2009

In meditation

Conspicuously aware
Of an existence
Within another
I am living this life.

Mingling with the breathes
And the lively senses
I appear separate differently.

Fully conscious
Of an existence
In an eternal journey,
Time is dead
Senses murdered
Mind shut
Only I exist
And clothed
In bliss.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 310709.


  1. To feel and yet not be affected -- its a gift that deep meditation offers,

    And this meditation by one single soul has the power to transform a society -- a saint i've met once has said,

    This is a higher level i see in you Cyclop...hope you will not be writing about those terrifying scenes of death, and disfigured bodies,

    Not that i'm intervening with your freedom of expressions..poets are ones who should build nations/societies, not record destruction -- we have historians for that..thats my little philosophy :)

    i loved this poem, Cyclop


  2. Very deep.Meditation helps in many ways. I loved the new header. It's perfect. Did you paint that?

  3. One step closer to truly be free if one experiences such blissful states...

    "Mind shut" - if only for a few seconds.

    Great one Cyclops!

  4. Beautiful. I could meditate on this one for hours.