Sunday, July 26, 2009

The healing petals


Love is the flower

you've got to let grow….

In the days when sorrow reigns

And happiness wanes

Tears stroll down like rain

Hearts sliced into many rejections

Its only love can heal the sores.

In the days when animals fight for the rights

And along, the trees plead to be spared

Mother earth wails from within the roots

Begging to be freed from atrocities

Its only love can heal the sores.

When the sky is punctured

And rays unwanted hitting us hard

The hazy clouds speak with moody face

And shining sun appears bleak

Its only love can heal the sores.

Heart wrenching agony of a famine

Sidelined citizens from liberal world

Deprived voices that go mute

And listening ears that remain deaf

Its only love that can heal the sores.

Love is the flower

You have to let grow

If a happy world

Each dream of.

©cyclopseven. All right reserved 260709.


  1. heal oneself and that heals the world,

    Good poem, Cyclop :)
    and nice to see this after a bit dark one,


  2. Love is a healer of so many situations and circumstances! Delightful!

  3. love is powerful. if only ot would arrive before the storm.
    powerful poem

  4. This could be an ode or a song. Such beautiful lines.

    Nicely said.

  5. Love heals in many ways....sometimes it can be painful though.......and that is where the grow comes into it!

  6. Powerful, and you raise some important points.

  7. Looks like all great poets share the same thought.

    Exhibit A =

    Its only love can heal the sores - Cyclopseven

    Exhibit B =

    All you need is love - Lennon.

  8. very well done! a joy to read.

  9. Love is, indeed, powerful. Nice work!

  10. Powerful! Wonderful poetry and message!

  11. Devika.....Thank you very much.

    Grayscale...You 100% right. Thank you.

    Venus....Thank you buddy.

    Old Grizz...that's the ultimate of everything. Thank you.

    Missy....Thanks a lot Missy.

    Whitesnake...I agree. Sometimes pain teaches us many things. Thank you.

    Anthony.....Appreciate that. Thanks.

    Bitchyangel...thanks for dropping by.

    Aredcardigan....Not just poets, but everyone is linked in this vast network of thoughts and inspiration. Some note it down..while some let them fly. Thank you.

    Jessie...a smile for you to ;)thank you.

    Tumbleweeds...Thanks a lot.

    Bobbie...Welcome to my blog and thank you.

  12. Good one Cyclopseven! Thank you for stopping by mine too. Have a great Sunday.