Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Search

Traveling alone
Along the narrowest path
I let my memories cascade
Squeezing joy and sorrow from my eyes.
My vision blurs
With watery layer
Swelling up gradually,
My eyelids tremble with fear.

The path is too narrow
To contain both the feelings
Harrowing sorrow, joyous joy
The domain is meant only for the dominant.
I dance to slow euphoria
Fighting against wriggling pain
Alas!! With only one mind
I am walking on the fence.

Shall I open up to wider options?
I ask myself a million times,
Each time I question thus
The mind shudders with inferiority.
Travelling alone
Along the narrowest path
Is not as easy as one sees
‘coz colours of life hidden completely.

My walk takes me far
I am reaching a fork ahead
Which way is the right one
I scratch my head as I liquefy the self.
Whichever way I choose to traverse
This game of life is mine to weave
A masterpiece I want to make
Out of the brilliance
That emanates from the spirit.

Traveling alone
Along the narrowest path
The universe provides the mean
So I shall forsake the narrowest path
For a broader search, the universe holds me in awe.

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 040409.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful poem, Cyclop
    I loved the ending, so much :)

    Fear not, when travelling alone...If God be on your side, who can be against you?

    "Mind shudders with inferiority -- what in the world makes you feel so, Cyclop? --- You have one of the finest minds, my dear friend :)