Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cosmic Consciousness

Waxing desires
Killing my thoughts,
One by one reaching the naught
Pulling the spirit out from wryness.
It’s the beginning of a dawn
My heart yearns for it long
An experience in cosmic consciousness
A rare kind, unsullied and blissful.
The sudden constriction of thoughts
Wiped the surface once covered by scratches
Giving rise to the subconscious existence
Only to lovingly let it vaporize into the universe.

Realization that dawn
Teaches me many new things
But, to let go the temporal is a must
An art - hard to learn and rarely come by.
I am sitting here staring at my mind
Whispering to my own self
The wonders of this creation
And, gently as I undo the woven desires
Thinner and finer I am becoming
Merging silently with the universal mind.

I know the rush is no more
Eternity takes charge from now
In that I go nowhere
And, I come from nowhere,
I just exist beyond the eyes that see,
And without the eyes I shall not cease from becoming.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 050409.


  1. Very much relate with this, Cyclop

    living in the here and now is all what we can do...but we all seem to think too much...

    Finding happiness in the happiness of others - only a mother would feel it...i myself am not one yet, But my mother keeps reminding me that...and its all too easy for me to let go!

    and yet, if I am needed I can stay on too...but the world of words is so confusing...Imaginations, reality, truth all mix up to confuse minds.

    understanding and appreciating an other mind as it is, is beyond one's ability I guess.

    anyway, live and let live...even while saying this I might be marring some minds....what do we do?


  2. A beautiful statement of mysticism.

  3. Wonderfully worded, leaving me much to think over!

  4. Deep and beautiful...this line especially resonated:

    I am sitting here staring at my mind

    That spoke volumes to me!

  5. The wisdom and insight in this left me catching my breath Cyclopseven.

  6. This is deep and beautifully written. Life goes on whether we stop to meditate or not. This is true.