Friday, April 03, 2009

Will it dawn?

The obsidian look
Portrays the pain
Castled within the soul
Irrevocable, and contagious.
Fleshly bonds
Keeps many in tears
Fearing a loss
Which is always there.

Do we actually part?
Is there such a departure?
In my mind the fight swirls
A mystery remains untangled.
Ages have gone
Wisest were born
And wisely they depart
Knowing the transient well.

Everything exist in parallel
A world you and I hardly see
We pretend to know all
But, without knowing the goal.
What was there before birth?
And what will be there after death?
None knows what lies beyond
Because the mind plays the dice well.

I am the body, so I am real
The science taught me so,
I am not the body, so I am real
The religion taught me so.
In between the vast contrast
Humanity mingles with body and spirit
Immersed in own perception
Everyone believes they are right.

The earth goes rotating fine on its axis
Carrying different beliefs, ideologies and concepts,
With knowledge thickening day by day
The essence of existence we snatch from ourselves.
Will a day dawn on mankind,
That brings the domain of creation as one
The same one as in you and me
To cradle us back unto oneness in diversity?

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030409.


  1. If I may say my view, its a concerted effort, Cyclop...

    one cannot, or should not be selfish -- should appreciate and understand that there is no loss or gain when it comes to working for oneness....

    No one can/should lead such a race...all should walk together....

    But more often people take sides to see who is the winner...some keep fighting/pushing down others to become the winner...ultimately all lose the has been happening for years...

    Do will still keep doing the same?

    "Do we actually part?
    Is there such a departure?"

    thats the basic question...those who decide to part have many a time come back...because the bond (not necessarily fleshly)works...

    Hope, Hope and Hope -- all the so called educated souls that we claim to be understand and amend themselves....

    we have not come to judge i guess, but to express ourselves-- but many are so inclined to pass judgements on others, without looking into oneself...

    anyway, that was a long really gets bogged down by the way it is...

    Lets still keep the hope, i would say :)

    Good poem, Cyclop


  2. A very good poem. I like the way you bring out the parallelism and also the continuation of history--before and after. Lots here to think about.

  3. Too many things to ponder here.
    I do not have the answers to many questions of yours.

    What was there before birth?
    And what will be there after death?

    These two questions I always ask myself and I do not have the answers.

    Wonderful poem.