Monday, March 02, 2009

Eternal Slumber

It is hard to accept the reality

The reality confined within the realm of senses,

But beyond the realm of senses, my venture revealed

That you are still there as you always have been.

The care and the love sprinkled over six decades

I shall cherish every second till my breath last

And one day I know within the recess of my conscience

I shall dive again unto the eternity that brought me here,

And we shall meet again in the eternal slumber.

Everything born

Definitely will be gone, one day.

Time is the difference

That makes the length of survival

The reality arises swiftly

Around us daily.

Yet how many cares to know

That everything born

Definitely will be gone one day?

I learn to accept that the waves that disappear

Goes nowhere but unto the great wide ocean

Likewise in this journey of life and beauty

Everyone has to leave tracking their own footsteps

Until then their breath continues the search

When the fulfillment is reached, nothing else can hinder.

The path you walked and the door that you entered

Now seems barren and closed to my heart,

As I ponder will I see again the same you in the same form

I let my tears profusely touch my conscience to bath you.

Your presence led me to where I am now

I wish you will still lead me further in this growth

And guard me against the puny desires of the world.

Words are inadequate to describe you

Yet I am trying my best to tell you that

Despite all the good things that we have shared

Despite all the differences that we have had are the one and only for now and ever.

As you lay there in eternal slumber

I pray to the mighty guardian of the universe

That unto peace and great love He place you well

And reveal to me again when the time come.

Painstakingly I am trying to accept the truth

Alas! Human I am…what can I do Amma

To forget is not the right word

Nor to erase the memory is a thing desired.

All I want now Amma, just let me know every now and then

That everything there is better than here

Reveal me please, where you are now.

We will meet again in eternal slumber,

Take care Amma.

[Dedicated to a wonderful lady in my life, my mother Madam Manonmani Muthiah who shed her mortal coil on 22 February 2009. May she rest in uninterrupted peace.]


  1. Very touching. May her soul rest in peace. Though she is in eternal slumber, she is always with you and in you.A wonderful mum that I have known. God Bless.

  2. A beautiful and poignant tribute.

  3. My Condolence Cyclop, and May her soul rest in peace..

    As Venus says, she is in you...and this writing will definitely give you peace of mind and strength.

    God be with you, always

  4. My condolences to you on the passing on of your mother, Cyclopseven.

  5. My condolences, Cyclop. My prayers are with you, what a wonderful tribute. May your heart be granted peace in this time of grief and longing.