Friday, March 06, 2009

Fraudulent Illusion

The trail is long
The night is still
The day is gone
But, I remain still.
Incredulously, life wanes
Like dry leaves part in silence
In lonely tears all joys are killed
Life stays no matter what we say.

Blazing flame burn my tears
Scorching my cheeks
Life goes away without a sway
The shadow remains my only play.
Its hard, its hard,
As I recall the moments past
When the wind blows cold
My memory wavers in shock
And the fraudulent illusion
Shakes me every second.

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 060309.


  1. Very touching poem. I wished the beautiful moments of the past is right here now. Take care my fren.

  2. Beautiful expressions, Cyclops, Memories are reasons for rejoicing and also occassions for great sadness.

  3. Be at peace my friend. Time does heal all wounds. Thinking of you.

  4. Agree with Janice, Cyclop..

    Past and future are just illusions...mind has to learn to focus on present, i feel...and with a loss to bear it is very painful often...

    But then one shouldn't call life a fraudulent has given you some of the fondest memories to cherish when you face the tough times, Cyclop...

    One needs to assume strength, and hope this writing had helped you..


  5. "Life stays no matter what we say." I love that line. :)

    Beautifully done, Cy. Peace to you, friend.

  6. Illusion maybe, but fraudulent is up to us.