Friday, February 20, 2009


Seemingly chill

And freezing,

Everything is falling apart

In silence, but firmly.

I don’t understand

And, decided not to understand.

For in nature, a tiny creature like me

Plays only a fractional game

Without experiencing the whole.

Scathing illusions render me helpless

That glittering life is but eternal choice,

Until in wholeness I dissolve my mind

Never will I grasp the truth that oneness is the only choice.

I care not to know the reasons

Because in pain,

I still wish things be pleasant

Everything comes and goes,

In nature’s dictation

The wholeness completes the cycle.

Barren and pricking at times

Yet, this is but a mystery

I often wonder since decades ago

Of what becomes of mankind in dissolution?

I fear for the worst long long ago

Before I realised

It’s always there by my side.

Clinging attachment

Rarely departs without grief

For I know, we know not

In the wholeness of life

We are but only a fraction.

So what matters?

Whether it becomes or not,

In death, life blossoms eternally.

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 200209.


  1. A very touching poem. So much of sadness. We pray for the best my fen. HE knows the best. Take care. God Bless. Love.

  2. I know this feeling very well, Cyclop

    And as you said we need not understand all of it...Just know our purpose in life and move life will take us through...

    just seek light..and keep moving -- then its a joyous ride...

    Good one, Cyclop..
    really liked it :)


  3. when i read dissolution, it reminds me of that chapter in Yoga vasistha volume 2.

  4. A tough one to read. Hope all is well with you my friend.

  5. In the end there's hope, which means there is always hope!