Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dying humanity

The colossal remain of humanity

Lost it’s fervor in selfishness.

The marching sound of battle boots

And rolling chains of invincible tanks

Breaking the tears of living mankind

But, in helplessness

Many die crying only frustration.

Where goes the mankind that lives?

In heaven and hell their belief

Digs the depth of profound thoughts,

Yet, with mankind they live with disbelieve.

Soiled hopes reigning far,

The oppressed knows

The oppressor too knows

That in selfishness, the world

Cradling the living mankind

Who is already dead of conscience.

Nations crying with words of comfort

Dressing the wound that hid the bullet.

And, another day comes, once more.

Nations crying with words of comfort

Dressing the wound that hid the bullet.

(To the innocent souls trapped amidst the war)

©2009 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 310109.


  1. Very special tribute.
    Are we human helpless?

  2. As Venus says, we seem helpless...

    But still, I hope with a bit more love and perseverence it would get back on track, Cyclop.

    Good thought and poem..


  3. What can we do about this?

    I think that's why I enjoy art so much. We can escape into a world that never lets us down.

    Great poem, Cy. ;)

  4. Tough words to force hard thoughts... Yes, I do feel we are lost in selfishness. Thanks.

  5. We are all responsible, full stop. We may like to think we are helpless because that gives us some comfort that we are directly at fault. But we collectively gave those oppresors the power to oppress. We are just not trying hard enuf to do something about it. And just lamenting about it is NOT enuf.

  6. correction : ...we are NOT directly at fault...