Monday, January 12, 2009

Let Thy will be done, yet…

Standing at this juncture
In this journey of mystery
I am wondering
Whether to remain awestruck
At the sight of this wonder filled creation
To remain blanketed in deadening sorrow.

Many things,
I have to say out loud
Yet so many things,
I have to bury silently


I asked this self many times
For which an answer in search
I am still in anticipation.

Life offers
Everything from the coffer
But, none I see drifting closer.
I know this is a hunting ground
Hunting for arrays of hope

But, moving along this alley in life
The mind drags me astray
And towards the unknown
My shadow takes me along.

I wish Thy will be done
Yet selfishly, I implore
Let it meet mine.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 090109.


  1. We all have such moments. You depict it very well...

    Love the last stanza...


  2. i agree with gautami--i like the ending, very honest

  3. Brilliant and so true, the last stanza really sums it up!

  4. Oh, yes, for sure let it meet mine! This is a wonderful plea...

  5. Beautifully written...I was struck by the line "my shadow takes me along". Powerful words!

  6. Wonderful! Beautiful! Love this line: "My shadow takes me along."

  7. "I am wondering
    Whether to remain awestruck"

    Movement is what life is about..never get caught in awe...move out, meet people..your sorrow will be gone :)


  8. Gautami...I agree to that. Thank you.

    Sage...Thank you buddy.

    SweetTalkingGuy..Welcome and thank you. Will be at your door soon :).

    Tumblewords....Thanks for dropping by.

    Fledgling Poet...Welcome and appreciate that buddy.

    John Tran...Welcome and thank you.

    Devika....Yes maam..thank you.

  9. I came following Venus' comment. Thought perhaps you had a new one here.

    Her visit today to many of our common friends including you, yet avoiding some more prominent ones-- caused a kind of doubt in me..and I was reading again...

    "Thy will be done....
    Let it meet mine."

    This "it" you are talking about sounds "a thing" -- but then a thing cannot be had by someone else if one is done with it...

    that made me wonder if "it" was a person -- But if its a person, then that person should have a choice I guess...

    How can one be selfish then?

    Just wanted to raise the question...and let you know...I have the answer :)