Friday, October 03, 2008

You, my dear

The morning clouds
Hanging at the end of the branches
Gently came the morning breeze
To swiftly push them away.

Liken the morning breeze
You gently floated with tears
To help me to help you
And wipe each others tears.

Swinging alone in my heart
Everyday I wish for your presence
It’s not my eyes that want to see you
It’s not my ears that want to hear you
But, my heart that refuse all but you.

Pain becoming lesser and lesser for me
And I hope it’s the same for you too
Life offers many wonders
Yet, I enjoy only your lovable nuisance.

Genuine touch that spurs wondrous love
Walks in from you and through me it goes
While brushing my heart with pleasurable feelings
A voice I hear within, so fleetingly soothing.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 031008.


  1. I like the line..."but, my heart that refuse all but you." It's so passionate.

  2. Hi Gautami: Yeah..some voices can be fleetingly soothing. The momentary happiness arising therein can really help to break the monotony of feelings. Thank you.

    Scarlet : It's at the core of heart that mankind lives. If the heart say 'yes' we gladly say 'yes'. And, attachment is at strongest level in heart region, because according to the yoga treatises the Chakra(wheel)of love is situation around the heart region. Thank you.

  3. You write so beautifully... Do you know the reason Garrison Keillor gives for men writing poems? I'll have to find the "exact quote"

  4. Hi Venus...thank you for the stop. Yeah..its passionate.

    Sage..Thanks a lot for the praise. I shall wait and see what Garrison Keillor said about men writing poems.