Thursday, October 02, 2008

A small corner in the universe…..

The hills that speak the wonders of Kroh. Ingrained in between the valleys are mysteries that speak the glory of mankind.

It has been more than 20 years since I left this small quaint hilly town, called Kroh, now known as Pengkalan Hulu. Life takes me to many places, yet my heart I have left in Kroh. I am very lucky to have spent half of my life in this town. I am planning to visit this town before the end of the year. Hopefully, more pictures of her will adorn this page.

To start with.....The Lake

The lake in Kroh or now Pengkalan Hulu, carries the laughter, tears, trauma and agony of many souls throughout ages, and that including mine too. Not laughter, but only tears. One day, as opened my eyes wide and stared at these pictures posted in another blog, a sense of deep attachment began to sweep across my being. Yes, this is where I belong.

My existence today, in this very presence, I thank to not just many kind souls around me but also to this lake (check pictures), nature’s gift to the inhabitants of Kroh. Why? One may wonder in amusement. I was racing against time, fighting a war unseen by naked eyes. This lake or Taman Tasik or locally known as Takung helped to ease my burden in the past. In the moment of deep despair and loneliness, this is the only place I would frequent most. The serene beauty sways in tranquil atmosphere as insects, animals and humans contemplating on her majestic countenance. Sitting on the bench under the tree, I would be throwing pebbles into the lake. The ripples that formed gleefully contented to share my pain and tears. As they disappear unto the waters of the lake, the ripples slowly removed my pain as well. Though momentary, it was always a wonderful relieve for me. I can’t remember how many drops of tears (of mine) entered the lake and merge in it. But, she always cares for me. And, I know that very well.

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Radha for her kind consent to use the beautiful pictures above from her wonderful blog

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  1. It looks like an enchanting place, thanks for sharing the photos and your connection to it... Now I'll have to go dig out an atlas and find the place on a map!

  2. Tx, glad the pics meant as much..!


  3. The lake is beautiful and enchanting, a gift of nature. I'm drawn to it as well.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings about Kroh. My hometown in upstate NY makes me feel the same way. I think part of me is still there. :)

  4. Sage..I doubt you will find it on the map. It is such a small town, more like a transit point form west coast to east coast of Malaysia. It would appear occasionally in Malaysia Map. Read the Jungle is Neutral by Spencer will get some glimpses of Kroh. Thank you.

    Radha..Glad that I came across your blog. The pictures are truly enchanting and represent the essence of my memories.

    Scarlet..You are drawn to it..that's good. You will be drawn to me too;). You should write about your hometown buddy. Thank you.

  5. Wonderful place I could feel. Write more about your past memories in Pengkalan Hulu. How are you? God Bless. Take care.