Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tears of the roses

The house is full of flowers
Welcoming a princess
Whose gentle demeanor
Wear prominent attractions.
She is the soul for every soul
Enchanting grace with childish exposition
She would giggle at my words, facetiously
The words pregnant with meanings
To be absorbed unto everlasting joy.

As she entered the mansion
The roses stared at her in awe
“Oh my god….” they all expressed together
“Is this another rose, or an angel?”
She portrays no caustic expression
Always the same aura surrounds her
She was happy as she cared for the roses
When she entered her privacy, roses cried in sorrow.

Roses became sad and jealous
As the angel roam the house
But, the house began to smile in joy
Knowing an angel is roaming there.
Like the luminosity of phosphorescence
Only these sweet things surface more of her
The roses look beautiful everyday
Because, you set the life radiant like the full moon
And devoutly I shall levitate over you, always,
Without any roses in my hand
For you are the precious among the roses.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 041008.

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