Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let me be there...

Beyond the strength of time
I pray you stay ever fresh
full of light
with ambiance incredible.

If you traverse along the beach
Each steps of yours I shall guard
From being burnt atrociously,
So you may walk on the lotus of my love.

I am not a somebody and you know that very well
But, I hope I am able enough
To guide you through this untamed depression
Holding your hand safely across the pain.

Meretriciously temptations drag us wild
You and I are no match to stand against it
I believe, in togetherness of deeper care
You will gain a strong composure.

I do not ask for much attention
Just a little warmth and a sincere touch
To heal my bleeding heart and yours as well
And, two of us shall trample the unwanted, ever.

Please bear my dear one
Nothing is here to last forever
That includes you and me too
So, let us walk the trail minus the blaze.

Trust me, I am honest with my words
You will be out from the caging cage
And walk free from the pouncing wilderness
Until then, you may count on me
a mere traveler in time.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 011008