Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monsoon along the highway

Rainy seasons in Malaysia can be grouped into two time frames. North-east monsoon blows from October to March and South-West monsoon between May to September. Now it is the North-east monsoon and it has been raining almost daily on many parts in Malaysia. A drive along the highway during the rainy seasons is my favorite choice. I love to drive slowly, enjoying the beauty of the rain as it hits my windscreen and gently wiped by the wipers. But, sometimes it can be pretty challenging when the wind is strong and the visibility rate becomes very low.

The clatters I heard as it hit my car from all corners converts into melodious music. Its wild roaring at high speed tells man of the power it possesses, both to accentuate the survival and also towards the destruction of human race and nature. Bathing the entire plants and animals, filling the rivers and overflowing the dams, rain is a beauty in her own style. The torrential perpetual gush I see as her tears to mark human greed who shelved off the trees and hills. The sublime touch of rain lifts my soul high.

Yesterday afternoon it was raining heavily as I drove south bound along the North-South Highway from Penang to Taiping. I enjoyed the drive very much and managed to snap some pictures while holding onto the steering. Some areas along the highway appeared to be flooded and I wonder how many poor families (especially the villagers who depend on crops) are affected. This is a typical problem faced by those staying in the lowland areas.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful ride...and your poetic description of the rain. I love the way you write! :)

  2. Wonderful ride and write.
    I like the sound too.
    Thank you.

  3. Lol
    Looks like here in Sweden lately!

  4. Scarlet, thank you :)

    Venus, it was a wonderful ride. Hope to get more opportunities like that:)

    Anna-lys, welcome to my blog. So, its raining in Sweden as well. Go for a ride. You will enjoy it.

  5. We're just coming into our rainy season which will be here for the next 4 or 5 months - also known as our winter :) This year the last rains stayed well into spring too. As long as there is the odd sunny day I like the rains. Your portrayal is wonderful to the senses.

  6. yes, love drives in rain, as long someone else does the driving!! also, afternoon tropical rain by the sea.. and taking a dip when the water is still warm.. wonderful!