Sunday, October 26, 2008


Deepavali, also known as Diwali in some parts of the world, is approaching. Come Monday 27/10/08, Hindus from all over the world will celebrate this festival of light. Deepa means light, while Avali means array or line. so Deepavali means array of lights. According to the Hindu belief, thousands of years ago, a demon called Narakasuran was causing tremendous havoc and fear on earth during his reign and no one could defeat him. So, it took an embodiment of divinity, Lord Krishna to wage a fight against the demon and defeated him. The day Narakasuran was killed is celebrated as day of light where darkness had been removed. This is one version of the story why Deepavali is celebrated. And in Malaysia, where there are considerable number of Hindus, Deepavali is celebrated grandly. The moral of the story is to kill the demoniac qualities in each one of us and set our path towards the light. The day is celebrated with early morning oil bath, family prayer at home, temple visits and feeding the poor. While, the wealthy ones distribute new clothing and money for poor families.

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  1. Enjoy your festival of light. Your slide show is fantastic!

  2. In a nearby city, there was a gathering for this festival on Friday--it sounded interesting and they were inviting others to come and learn about their festivals. I was sorry I was unable to get there since they included Indian cooking.

  3. Scarlet, do come over to my house during this festival. I will serve you all kinds of Indian cookies :)

    And, Sage, you gonna miss the different stuff there. Whatever it is, you should not miss the MURUKKU and also OMAPODI. It goes well with beer:)

  4. Oh my goodness that looks ever so good. Excellent slideshow too!

  5. Happy Diwali, Cyclop!
    in North India its tomorrow!
    in my Kerala, its today..Monday!
    Nice post

  6. Happy Diwali. Hope your are having a wonderful time with your loved ones. DHL some cookies for me.:)

  7. My old friend...i wish you Happy Deepavali.May this festival of lights keeps shine all through your life and the loves one,friends and peoples who knows you.

    (...still eating tose ,muruku and spicy vade until then.)