Saturday, October 25, 2008

Because You're You.....A Very Special Guy

I came across the book with the above title while I was cleaning my room this morning. The book was presented to me some 20 years ago by a friend, whom I have now lost in touch with.Twenty years ago, it was just some printed words on pieces of paper without any clear meaning. As years passed by streaming through eternity, I was able to gauge the meaning bared in the book. I thought I lost the book, until I found it this morning. The collection of poems, short write-ups and motivating quotations give vast insights into the meaning of life. I decided to share, occasionally, some of the stuff in this book with you guys. Hope you will enjoy the submission. One of my favorite is this :


It is fair to remember that
this is not a land that belongs to us.
We cannot destroy it without destroying
something in us.

Its trees can teach us tenacity
and patience and serenity and respect.
Life's urge to survive is the force
that shaped them and their world of wildness.
that made them one of the great miracles.
Man, if he is too impatient to care,
can end this miracle, can terminate a
chain of life
going back without interruption to an
old eternity.

or man, able to create ideas, can meet his
old material needs with a different urge -
an urge to preserve what he cannot replace.

wildness made man but man cannot make wildness
He can only spare it

by David Brower
( From : Because You're You.....A Very Special Guy)


  1. A respect for nature is very important. This poem is thought provoking. Thanks for sharing and planning to share more wisdom from the book.

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful - love those last lines - if only all mankind thought this way...