Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pain, it reigns

The pain
It reigns.
It runs across my veins.
It is not easy
Never will it ever be.
Attachment is sweet
To detach is bitter.

To meet you is the sweetest
Attempting to part is very bitter.
Knowing you adds the glitter
Withdrawing this heart is very bitter.

It’s very painful
I learned the lessons
That attachment can give
And detachment may face.
Forgetting you is surely painful
I realized I am scratching the old sore
And it starts to bleed non-stop
In drops it rolls down the cheeks.

Why the meeting is so fated?
And, why must I be so attached?
I have no answer for this
And also for many things.
This heart of mine shall try to forget her
Though in attempting to erase the memory
She may continually be there,
With captivating smile
And eyes that carries serenity.

Is this my destiny?
The destiny is she?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 090908.


  1. Like a double-edged sword sometimes isn't it - damned if we do and damned if we don't. You have a way with words my friend that strike the chords of one's heart.

  2. Thanks buddy. Sometimes such situations do arise in life.

  3. Nice ending. I was at first drawn to a different idea of pain, then pulled into the pain of the heart which may be the most hurtful of all pain

  4. Attachment is very sweet, isn't it? It's even worth the pain of letting it go. To have known and loved someone so deeply, that's living.