Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The feelings ancient

An ancient feeling
Suddenly surging from within.
From a legacy hidden beyond mind
I know I was part of that, ages ago.
I am feeling the joy
The bliss like waterfalls
Washing my conscience
Freeing me from the murky thoughts.

Yes, I know this feeling is ancient
Yet parallel to the present
I wish I am there, but still be here.

Yet alongside came the poignant memories
Of lives hidden beyond comprehension
Manifests, leaving the mark of claws
Ingrained, in-between the thoughts.

Hazy visions of faces unseen
Appear sad within the memory
Make me vulnerable as I see them in tears.
A strange relation that ceases to show
I believe, linking me to a world, ancient.
I shed tears as I see them staring at me
Mellowed in the passage of time
They are poor, but full of love.
Anchored in sadness
I slowly withdraw
From this ancient feelings
Of happiness and sorrow.

But, with conscience

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 100908.


  1. Yet they are there. That is te hardest part.

  2. Perhaps it is just as well we only get glimpses if even that - our constitutions might not hold up against anything more...