Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It’s D-day my dear friend
To honor motherhood
And signify fatherhood
This day we all celebrate
With fondest remembrance
To the power that exist
Before us, with us and
After us, eternally.

This day a special day
For a special friend
Whom I have met only twice;
In the absence of my mind
She keeps jogging my memory
To tell that she still exist
To hand me the warmth
Of her wonderful friendship,
And I am proud to proclaim
Mary is my wonder-full friend.

May on this birthday
Your mum and dad and you and the rest
Rejoice together in Christ
Make it a reunion
More that just cutting a cake
and candle blowing;
The pieces with icing top
Let it first and foremost
fill the unfortunate souls
So your heart my be full
And happy,
On this special day.

Happy birthday my dear friend

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 121007.


  1. My dear friend, thank you so much. It's so beautiful and colourful. It touches my heart.:( It means a lot coming from you my dear fren. Appreciate much. Thanks again.

  2. Oh my God! It's a lovely poem. Just dun know whatelse to say. My tears just keep rolling. You mean a lot to me my dear fren. Love you my fren. God Bless.

  3. My dear friend, I am not sure if you have read all those poems that I wrote for you. Just that I did not mention your name.

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  4. I read them buddy. Sometimes I leave without a trail, but that doesn't mean my eyes refused to see those words. Thank you, buddy.