Sunday, October 07, 2007

Actors? Are we?

Leaving the Hollywood, Bollywood and Mollywood, my eyes took me deeper and deeper to another scene, where the greatest drama is being enacted at every nanosecond that passes by. The circle of my consciousness is widening like the ripples that swallow the pebbles thrown. Layers of conscious thoughts began to peel one by one, transforming the inner view into a soothing eternal play. Yes, the drama of life. In life and in death, every actor blooms to become something. The whole of universe is a greatest drama that one can envisage beyond the ephemeral glitters of the tantalizing and infectious cinema world made of many ‘woods’.

We are all great actors, yet unknowingly our acts deceive us into believing that this life is everything worth suffering for. Each time the mouth widens to allow a little smile, the heart expands in joy. While each time the mind shrinks unto depressive mood, the heart cries in pain. We evolved to become greatest actors on this stage of life. No creation is better than us in acting. But sad to say, we have forgotten that we are natural actors, born to occupy this stage called earth to produce a marvelous play of love and care. Instead, we all are busy acting within this act entrusted upon us, with our own scripts in our mind.

We have become strangers to ourselves. Why? Saints and philosophers have always been trying to resolve this conflict and serve the answer for us. Living in different cultural setup and at different climes, mankind have failed to let the wise words seep through their mind, rather they allow the gross differences to capture the mind. Thus, religious bigotry and crime against humanity are widening. Humanity is becoming a mere vanity, full of insanity. When can we realize that each one here is an actor, playing a little part here and there to place this enigmatic puzzle together, in the name of love?

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  1. Yes, we are actors in Lord's cosmic drama.

  2. I like the way you presented your ideas here. I also really like your graphics.
    Humanity has fallen apart because we are taught to be in competition with one another - we are to be better or the best in everything we do. We are NEVER taught there is no shame in losing. We are NEVER taught to share, to let someone else win because of our compassion. We are NEVER taught to control our emotions, our speech or our thoughts. We are NEVER taught that love is the greatest thing there is - love of neighbor, of friend, of the divine that lives within each of us...and we wonder why there is so much hatred, crime and greed.

  3. Yes, Venus, we all are actors who have forgotten our roles. Thank you.

    Janice, there is great truth in your words. Most of us grew up missing many salient features of life. Thank you.