Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Spastic Charity Raffle Draw 2007

Being an NGO, The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children's Association of Penang has to continuously embark on some large scale fund raising projects in order to sustain the implementation of new programmes or extension of its physical infrastructures. Through my 12 years working with this Association, I have seen and been part of many fund raising projects such as Spastic Charity Food Fair, Spastic Merdeka Lucky Draw, Walk-Jog-Wheel-A-Thon and many others which I can't list out here.

Now there is a dire need for space as we have implemented some new programmes and lack of space poses a big problem. So to start with we started off with The Spastic Charity Lucky Draw 2005. Though we targeted to achieve about RM 1,000,000.00, the response was far from satisfactory. So, this year we are embarking into the second part of the fund raising project to build an extension of the 2nd floor on the existing one. This project is called The Spastic Charity Raffle Draw 2007, aiming to collect RM360,000.00. We are selling the raffle Draw tickets prized at RM3.00 each.

The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children's Association of Penang provides various services for the benefits and upliftment of the individuals with cerebral palsy. Among the services provided are Hydrotherapy, Speech Therapy, Computer Assisted Lessons, Occupational Therapy and academic activities. Over the years most children have shown some marked improvement in various aspects of development and this definitely augurs well for the development of the Association.

Yesterday, 19 September 2007, we hold the launching ceremony for The Spastic Charity Raffle Draw 2007 at our premises. From morning my colleague and I were busy setting up the P.A. system and stage decorations to ensure that everything goes well. The programme started at 3:00pm with two performance by our students. Then, the introductory speech by the Organising Chairman Dato' Dr. Lim Huat Bee, followed by speech from our President Y.B. Ng Fook On and lastly a speech by our guest of honor Dato Seri Chew Weng Khak. At 3.30pm we headed from our hall to the field to officially launch the event. The three top prizes, a car, two motorcycles and two Pensonic LCDs were displayed there. We had the press cover the event from beginning till the end. Though the launching was very simple, we hope the message will get across to the public especially our well wishers, through our local dailies. The draw date will be on the 23 December 2007 at Prangin Mall at 6:00pm.

Its interesting to work with an NGO like this, but at times things can become taxing especially when it comes to multitasking. Sometimes we have to stay back to complete our work. Pay is a main issue in an NGO, yet despite the dissatisfactions and grumblings that take place here, there are some elements of satisfaction too, to be cherished at the end of the day. Malaysians are known for generosity and I hope this time around we will reach our target of RM360,000.00.

Its not the building that we are talking about here, its the life prospect of the disabled individuals and their future. If you care, do donate towards this worthy cause. God Bless.

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