Friday, September 21, 2007

Curtain Hole

The streak of gleam sun ray
Find its way through the hole in the curtain
Waking me up early in the morning
To strengthen my broken heart.

It says loudly with broadest smile
Oh, mankind, at each strike of pain
You fall into disdain that this has happened
Failing blindly to see me in that fall
You sheepishly surrender to it.

C’mon stand straight face me right on my light
Don’t you see my struggle at every morning rise?
Despite the curtains that blocked my view of you
I remained steady to build my faith and will
And, in the middle of that trouble, I found a tiny hole
To enter your room and bright it up for you. oh man, troubles are like the curtains
If you but care to stand upright to face the troubles
A tiny hole will reveal itself for you to experience the light
And, know you my dear one, through that hole a solution will come.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 200907.

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