Thursday, September 20, 2007

Living and earning

Little do we realize how important is living compared to earning. Though earning constitutes the daily occurrence of life, the essence of life is how we live while earning. More importantly in the process of making a living, many of us live to earn. This is the saddest part of our lives. It’s perfectly fine to earn, as its one of our essential requirement without with we can’t lead a proper life on the face of this earth. A pertinent issue here is how do we earn, righteously or unrighteously? While we earn we should not forget to live. Nowadays many of us have forgotten the art of living and develop an establish pattern of earnings.

If we earn the right way, we will always be conscious and follow the voice of conscience so that we do not deliberately take advantage of another man’s opportunity or skill to the extreme of jeopardizing or neglecting him of his livelihood. This is one among the many things that my dad told me two weeks before he passed away, 22 years ago. Rightful manner of making a living take into consideration many of pertinent issues in life before one claim his gains by rightful manner. We must always be vigilant in this process, as along the way we may, due to our selfishness become very defensive and deprive a person of his/her opportunities. This can happen to any of us at any point of time in life.

Though we try hard to practice a rightful way of making a living, the greed factor may sway us to look at only the profits minus humanity. We have to learn to resist this. It may take some time before we place the human values ahead of everything. Then, the earnings will become a highly beneficial and can give us utmost inner satisfaction. Lets us pray that our conscience guide us into this understanding on the process of earning.

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