Saturday, September 22, 2007

At what expense are we progressing???

Once again Malaysians are in a state of shock. Irrespective of race, religion, language, culture, lifestyles, social status and colors Malaysians joined together to mourn for the dead of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. Nurin, eight years old, who was kidnapped on 20 August 2007. According to the reports published in the local dailies, eyewitnesses claim that a man dragged Nurin into a white van and sped off from the scene. Nurin, was said to have gone to a night market nearby her house, to buy hairclips when this incident happened.

While massive search being conducted to look for her, police had initiated intensive investigation into this case. Banners, posters and photos of the girl were put up and distributed to the members of the public by the parents and family members. After almost a month missing, suddenly last Monday, Nurin turned up dead and was found stuffed into a gym bag place at a shophouse in Petaling Jaya. The DNA test and dental records confirmed that it is Nurin.

She was tortured and brutally murdered. I cannot stop imagining how she might have suffered during the period in the hand of a monster. Post mortem reports revealed that the girl died of an infection. There were signs of foreign objects forced into her private parts which resulted in ruptured intestines.

The shocked parents couldn’t accept the reality that the DNA test confirmed the blood ties. They requested for a second test to be conducted. And the second test to confirmed same result. It’s understandable, after weeks of separation from the loved one, lack of sleep and food the parents had undergone hellish period of their lives. It can happen to anyone who breathe the same air and walk the same earth.

Yesterday, she was given a proper Islamic burial at Taman Ibu Kota Muslim cemetery with hundreds shed their tears. Let us pray that she rest in peace.

Ironically, God is watching all these, but silently.

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  1. This is very sad. No one wishes to go through this traumatic incident.
    Yes, god is watching but silently.

  2. Crazy, crazy. Of all possible idiotic methods of revenge or fulfillment of lust, this idiot(s) chosed a poor 6 yrs old girl and acted a barbarian. Whatever it was and will be, all parents have a lesson to learn. And lawmakers have a duty to rule it out.