Sunday, August 05, 2007

Forgive Me My Friends III

Again the night brings together
fragment of events from the mines of memory
lighting the beauty of friendship
that traveled with me all along this life.

Together we were a group of teenagers
inquisitively wild at life’s mystery and opportunities
we pounced with feral zest to tear apart the secrets
of which this life has placed among all of us.

With spirit high reaching the impossible
we together shared our palms in the heat of the sun
giving and sharing was a value of ultimate sacrifice
we sat together wallowing in the deep mysteries of nature.

As the dust of desires began to fly high before settling to rest
each of us took to our own destination of different nature
some went to north and south searching for better lights
some went to east and west in pursue the scrolls of academic excellence.

Thus destiny separated us to hunt for wealth and knowledge
all the funny things that rendered our laughter a clap
i still carry it fresh within my memory
and almost everyday i bed with them;
and nostalgic memories re-written freshly everyday
for my consumption.

I humbly bow to the world of friendship for giving me a chance
to know all these wonderful people, and me to be known to them,
every pain hidden within the crease of this relationship
forget them my friends;
and forgive me friends for any unintended actions or words from me.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 200607.

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