Sunday, August 05, 2007

Forgive me my friends II

Forgive me my friends
if at times my silence kills your reverie
because every moments that goes with noise start from silence
silent that generates the silence.

I may have not praised you all my friends
don’t get me wrong, tarry awhile and ponder
not that I am stingy with praises
my praises is for the weakling who needs sustenance
so their lives too shall be strong like you all.

In the random musings of daily life
the mind picks wondrous signals
of both good and bad alike
and being just a human I live like waves
swept in both worlds of joy and pain.

Each moment that passes by
carry together your face and voice
so wherever I go, I am in no dearth of friends
I want you all to know
in silence my mind searches for you all
better and sweeter.

Nectar of peace and sublime bliss of beauty
more and more I see in you - one and all
irrespective of the labels imposed on you
such as name, race, religion and many more
I see but only a friend in you.

So don’t get me wrong my friends
in the event of my sudden disappearance
just remember that I love and live with you all
with your names embossed in my divine thoughts
I shall cross the ocean that parts,


If you all feel that I am too selfish
to utter a praise or two
to quench the friendly yearning within you
let me say it now loud in words and clear in thoughts
“you all are wonderful woven cells of my existence.
your greatness I humbly embrace
for appreciating this little me into your fold, as a friend”.

Once again forgive me my friends
for my silence is not meant to be an ignoble one
but in that I bask under your care and love
more and more.

©2007 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 02052007.

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