Sunday, August 05, 2007

Forgive me my friends IV

My dear friends from far and near
I wish to garland you all with a few words of wisdom
Garnered by experience and friendship
I gained in this life from then and now.

Forgive me my friends, I wish to once again say
Things I might have said and actions I might have done
Be it through silent language nor in the dead of whispers
Whichever may have hurt you once or may be more
I meant it not, not even in the dream within my dream.

The night’s mystery speaks in inexplicable language
Through the voices of the cicadas and dancing bamboos,
Gurgles of river and gentle murmurs of the night breeze
In togetherness all bound strongly to proclaim their friendship.
Strange indeed this strangest language of mystical mystery
That speaks of friend and friendship, not of enemy.

Forgive me my friends, I wish to once again say
Like nature I am impossible to be or to become
But a human I am ever and so my friendship may have flaws
Give me a chance to repent the mistakes and repair the flaws.

At times when the moments of distress assail me
During the dark evening void of brightening sun
In friendship the solace I hunt vigorously
To relish the bliss of friendship locked safely.

I am just another dust that trails the path of life
In this cosmos I am nothing but a hidden naught
Yet my friends you all made feel that I am grand
And your kind thoughts and friendly words render me happy.

The tunes of memory spoken in the language of mind
Carries within the relationship beyond expectations
That which trumpets sincerity and honesty
And I bow to all my dear friends for your empathy.

© 2007 cyclopseven. All rights reserved 190707.

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