Sunday, August 05, 2007

Forgive Me My Friends I

One day my heartbeats shall stop
leaving the residue of life in the sands of time,
sooner, or maybe later
the call may arrive, unexpectedly.

To all my friends
known and unknown
from near and far,
any mistakes intentionally made
any mistakes unintentionally done
please undone the knots of anger and frustrations,
in forgiveness release me please
for in death I know not
whether I'll speak.

Time given today, perhaps tomorrow another day
I may be around, a few words let me say
leaving is not as important as living
by living the right way, the leaving will be light full of bliss.
I came for a purpose, I wish I know that well
alas! Human we are, the limitations imposed made us far
from god and man we wander away
seeking materials unknown for trifle play.

While energy is still high
render the deeds good,
sin not any souls that you come to meet
including the trees, creepers and mountains so high
for each bow we pay in respect
nature vows to keep us blissfully intact.

My dear friends
days may come and go
friends may come and go too
yet true ones hold a spot so dear
we know, with them we don’t have to fear.

Bountiful life is a way to joy
a careful driver is surely to rejoice
the harvest here and hereafter, if in the highway
he travels with tolerance, peace and truth.
These are the simple messages
from prophets, saints and sages
time yonder, they come from
seeking us for good, they thronged,
beautiful indeed this life will be
if everyone live the way that’s to be.

Goodbye, I shall now say
for, time is not in my grip
anytime, at any place and anyhow
he may come, the divine rider
as passenger he will take me
I hope, not in fright
but to a greater height.

Suddenly I feel
I have to say all these,
forgive me my friends
for the soul do not cast a word
after it is removed by the divine sword.

©2006 by cyclopseven. All rights reserved.

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  1. The first time I read this poem, i just couldn't stop my tears. This poem really touched my heart.:(