Thursday, January 07, 2016


Ugliness finds its way
through a mind split into pieces
shredded by all the wanton desires
naturally destructive.

It pains to see faces 
masked in layers of wickedness
one by one added over the years,
finest act of camouflage
by brutes in human forms.

Bottling the devils in subtlest form,
name all the evilest of emotion
nicely packed and kept
yet man is his label.

Irony of life
amazes me 
as I see the devils
surviving the onslaught
of values divine,
and man is his label
allowed to harangue
stuffing many ears of kind hearts!!

cyclopseven. All Rights Reserved 070116.


  1. It must be truly be something in the air circling the globe--so many of us poets are on the same page recently.