Monday, June 06, 2011


In my absence that makes time tender
The heart grows fonder.

In my presence that makes time solid
The heart is cut asunder.

Is this my fault?
Perhaps it is not.

Is this your fault?
Perhaps it is not.

Is this our fault?
Perhaps it is not.

Is this God’s fault?
Perhaps it is.

What mystery does this relationship holds?
Ages and till now it remains untold.

©All rights reserved. Cyclopseven 06062011.


  1. Many relationships starts & ends, doesn't mean it's god faults..But from every relation we learn a how to handle ups & downs in our life.
    Take Care.

  2. does it matter who's fault is it? why not go with that is and love as much

  3. not just relationship, i think its true about everything in life -- it took me some solid years of my life to understand and appreciate what is...but so easy to blame God for what is not :)


  4. What a surprise! Thinking about relationship since morning and here a poem about relationship. No one to be blamed. I think it's meant to be the way it is. Life has to go on.

  5. Hi all, thank you for the comments. Nothing serious and I was not the party. This is just something based on a conversation about relationship and as usual God is viewed as the culprit:).

  6. It’s not anyone fault it’s the difference that makes life different. Not every relationship could be understood by behold, only come closer we see the real face.