Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Idea and the Ideal

Go as far as you may
To the stars high up and earth beneath
In the moon and the sun
In the air and the space
All space filled invisibly, with,
This energy masked by manifestation.
In delusory subjugation we let ourselves down
'Coz, we have lost the key to the heart
The seat of faith, food for soul.

We stumble and stumble
Searching Him far far away
And, we find Him not in our hearts.
Because he who sees through the eyes
See Him not, as the basis of his vision.
In all that is seen and in unseen
In that which is filled and in hollowness
In space beyond the reach of eyes
In the rocks, trees, animals and in humankind
And, between the walls and pillars of many houses
Churches, Temples and Mosques
He lies still engrossed in His own play
And, the dissected mind portrays
Him to be different here, and different there
He is now here, and yet appears as if He is no where!
But, beads that appears separate in a garland
Strung together by a single thread
The thread we hardly see.

The divine invisible is everywhere
But, in creation He speaks His language.
The idea is evident and clear 
The ideal makes it happen.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 210611.


  1. Wonderfully eloquent on the whereabouts of that one singular being who knows himself as he is not as we make him out to be.

    And thanks for taking care f Sage *tink* back at you C7

  2. He is visible, in our prayer, in the moments when we look for an answer, the answer is there and so is He

  3. Beautiful poem and yes we have to look with our heart more than with our eyes. Take care, marja

  4. this echoes and reverberates very strong thoughts i relate. Nicely you have put forth.