Friday, January 28, 2011

Call It By Any Name.....

There is this energy
By many names, one chooses to call
By many terms, one chooses to describe
This energy is always the same.
Beyond the veiled consciousness
And beyond the veiled unconsciousness
This eternal energy exists unchanged
Symbolized by names and forms.

Known as God to many around the world
It is the power where lightning gain the brightness
It is the power where thunder thunders with might
This energy energizes everything in this universe.
Science vows to unravel the mystery of this Mighty One
But, at each layer they stop only to marvel the ceaselessness
Of this power, which synchronizes the universe in perfect order
And permeates the macrocosm and microcosm of this existence.

I do not believe that such a magnificent splendorous energy
Be bonded by religious, traditions, race and languages
Like colors of many kinds the flower comes forth in the garden
Likewise the existence folds and unfolds in myriad exhibition.
I believe in this energy that walks the space with love
Casts its gaze on each and all without a second’s absence
I believe not the God that speaks through volumes of printed materials
Yet remain handcuffed within the borders of one religion.

The grandeur power that underlies the passivity of creation
The unifying power that sustains the activities in creation
That energy by any name one may call does not change by praises
But by firm resolute and immersion in love we may understand a little.
Spanning various times and climes it remain ever the same
Not colored by the powers that convert humankind into selfish creatures
Rather remain there witnessing the flow with grace unknown to us
This is one energy many may deny yet silently living with it.

To fathom this unfathomable mystery of this eternal sustainer
The mind needs to steadfastly remove the thorny desires
And together the remnants of the past pains too must be plucked
Then to our little understanding the mystery of God will dawn
Just a peep into that, changes take place in our lives
Miracles we call it to meet our understanding.

God, indeed a mystery, compassionate mystery
Not a being, not a thing, but, everything.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 28012011


  1. This to me conveyed your quest to understand, relate, and validate the macro world, and our micro world ....and very well pennned, Cyclops :)


  2. To understand as much as one can that being as that being knows itself to be is key to moving away from structures bound in book and written in ink.

  3. "I do not believe that such a magnificent splendorous energy
    Be bonded by religious, traditions, race and languages"
    I had nearly the same thoughts in my head yesterday but couln't put it into words. You did splendidly and much much more. This is such a deep, understanding, wise marvelous poem. I've printed it out
    so I can reread it tonight. Thank you

  4. @Thank you Devika.

    @Walking Man...pray that understanding dawn upon us:). Thank you.

    @Marja...None can confine that energy within the perimeters of mind:). Thank you very much

  5. Love that last line which to me epitomizes the essence of That Which Is.

  6. in complete agreement with this...

  7. @venus..yes it is a power infallible.

    @Janice..thank you.

    @Swatantra..thank you.

  8. not being, not a thing, but everything.
    And you said everything. You said it all.
    An understanding of what can not be understood and a deep feeling of what can be felt.
    This is beautiful.

  9. A very good poem. Simple, yet profound. Best wishes.