Sunday, December 19, 2010

The song I hear again…

This song I have heard many times before
While awake and even in my dream
And again, it is playing once more
Plundering the abyss of my mind.
Nothing is void in its play
Everything comes spiraling
Reminding the scratches that bleed
And the shattered pieces of happiness lying still.
This song I know have been here long
Playing melancholic rhythms of anticipation,
With deadliest sting the song I hear again
Its grip is gaining upper hand.
People say forget the past wounds
Let’s look for a healing bond
And I have said the same to many
Only to beholder made be known the excruciation.
Beckoning light of hope shining still
I am in full awareness of that truth
Yet I am plunging deep into the torment
Of the freezing winter and burning summer.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved201210


  1. guess it's just the poet in you, Cyclops....poets do gain a lot of pleasure in digging the pain...just need to understand,

    Nice poems added....i like the talk with Mr. Death :)


  2. M please allow some room for others to share. You cannot forever hide yourself in silence.

  3. BEautiful and sad. I will pray for your peace.

  4. Sometimes thoughts born from deep emotions.