Monday, December 20, 2010

Reigning pain

Fierce indeed
The brunt of burnt emotion,
Rivers of hope
Find almost no place in its flow.
This night the fire is burning wild
In emptiness the self wallow,
The deadliest beast is set to roam
In this sleepless night I am gone.
I understand not me
I understand not the pain
I understand not the reason
I understand not the teardrops.
This night is the usual night
I know it is just another night
But, why this fright
Of losing everything in sight?
Ferociously mounting on me
The sorrow from the dungeon's depth
The claws invisible yet sharp
Unto the heart’s vein it pierces deep.
The rein is weakening
Shadow of hope glimmers distantly
I know I may not reach there soonest
Will that distant reach me now?

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved201210


  1. oh ho! So much agony here, Cyclops...But you've succeeded in conveying it,

    ...relax and have a good night's sleep...there's no reason for any pain, my dear friend,


  2. There are times when the pain and the fear don't allow us to see beyond. there does not seem to be an end to it. There is. Nothing will last forever. Even pain subsides.

  3. So much sorrow and pain. You have to share your pain, whatever it may be. Why allow the pain to ruin your life? I know you won't listen, b'coz I know you too well. Sharing is better than suffering. And, if you think you are sharing through your poems, I would say that is madness.

  4. Its anguish even to dream such... i hope its like pass dreams alike the clouds.