Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Between the thoughts I pine for fulfillment
Weeping the energy away hurrying without necessity
Like lightning, flashes of memory come and go
The moment stood at last a brief while
A stop that was once, painted again in my mind.
These sentiments hidden somewhere
Filling the melodies of life
Only to suddenly rise to remind
The moment gone will never take birth again.

The moment passes by witnessing the sitting me
Bidding goodbye in the seconds as aging marches on
But, I am hooked by my past, oblivious to my presence
I let those memories to grow and die within me.
Like a circle, knows not where the ending is
My thoughts dances non-stop
At times soothingly, at times violently
But, time cares a little about me as I slip through it.

Past, a never return passer by
Never turn to see as it passes by.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 171110.


  1. memories need to be left in the past and not try to give them birth again. They were then, they can never be now

  2. Hooked by my past -- can be a difficult place in life...But without a past,without memories there would be no writers/poets -- yes, haiku/haiga is about catching the present --

    I think its okay to look back once in a while, after all its our life....and we would have a good poem :)


  3. aah! on the other hand...looking back is essential to our being the "humane-beings" we are supposed to be -- no?


  4. Memories...can be painful, but they have a singular's difficult to get away from them.

    Lovely poem.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.