Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Many are the faces blown away in the wind
Like the dry leaves that kiss the earth in vain
In time in the deepest timeless remoteness in the universe
All the synchronization of familiar faces melts unto obscurity.
Slipping through my memory, bridging the time
Acquaintances vanish between the thoughts
 I ask if this is, a play destiny has in place for me
Or is it just simply becoming another of nature’s symphony?
I let one by one the faces long forgotten to appear again
I let one by one the names long forgotten to rise again
Squeezing my brain harder that it copes within the skull
I remember either the names or the faces only.
I am aware; The capacity of the incapacitated memory at challenge I propose
To bring an inkling of forgetfulness unto existence
Enigmatically enshrined inside my mind is the memory
May long be dead, the root is still dividing the conscience.
My mind prevaricates flimsiness to avoid procuring pains hidden
In realization, I moved solemnly cautioning my conscience
Lest the pain unto the core of my heart buries everything again
And, all that which empowers joy and peace are confiscated.

Reverentially the challenges I try to accomplish
But what becomes of memory dormant for decades
Not easily awaken by challenges alone
Because the shadows, the thorns and the rocks
Along the pathway of life keeps the secrets in trap.
Faces long gone and names unscripted in decades
Wishes of goodbye, greetings of the days gone by
One day shall invoke the irrevocable memories.

For reasons unknown
Many are the faces blown away in the winds
of forgetfulness.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved201010


  1. Good poem, Cyclops -- a bit too loaded, though -- guess the mind gains its balance with such filling and emptying within and without :)


  2. Memories are like a suitcase we carry around. When we open it, it details the path we have taken. It is sad when, in looking at those paths, we realized we lost most of those people along the way.

  3. It's a very touching poem. It happens in our journey of life. Many people will come and go. Many memories will come and go and all these are part and parcel of life.
    We are like the passengers. When we reach the destiny we have to say goodbye and leave. It is meant to be that way but the memories will still be there in one corner of the heart.
    Cherish the beautiful memories and take it as a lesson the bitter memories. A wonderful poem you have written. Thank you for sharing. Take care my friend. Will always be there.

  4. Cyclops, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I am now following your blog. I am enjoying your poem, quite powerful!


  5. Touching poem I hope for you you can leave the shadow of the past behind and find some peace