Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wish I had….

I wish I had a magical pencil
To rewrite the story of my life
The way it is supposedly to be
That way I perceived things to be.
I wish I had a magical eraser
To efface the memory of painful notes
From the trail I have taken
And, fill the space with beautiful ones.
I wish I had magical juice of conifer
To obliterate the stubborn stains from the mind
And make me a piece of blank white paper
To repaint a newer version of a life perceived.
I wish I had a magical slate of wonderful story
At the tip of my fingers, I shall invoke my life anew
With colors, that bubbles the splendorous wonders
In a magical kingdom of eternal freedom I shall roam.

©cyclopseven. All rights Reserved 131010


  1. Very nice, Cyclops...

    "Chance is the pseudonym God uses when he doesn't want to sign his name" -- we got to be responsible for our doings...and its possible, i guess...though i don't think its possible to rewrite the past, the way we want...perhaps it was meant to be that way :)


  2. then what would your life be if you could do all of that? if you could erase all your experiences, all your growth, all that you have learned? you would have to start from scratch and then at some point you would ask for the eraser again.

  3. very nice I think however there is a reason for everything. Thanks to problems i the past I've grown and I am who I am today. I believe there is a reason for everything. Without the nigh we wouldn't experience dawn
    It helped me to focus on the things we receive everyday and for you that is the precious gift of expressing yourself beautifully

  4. Nice write. Nothing is coincidence, everything is for reasons. The past has thought us to be a better person. Thank you to the PAST.