Saturday, September 25, 2010

The unfolding layers

Twilight approaches without a warning
The sun sets fast with red golden colors
Darkness slowly rushes in to take the place
And, the night wishes to stay here for some time.
The corridor is so quiet, only my chair and I seated there
With strands of wishes unfulfilled and daunting memories
The mosquitoes buzz hard musicality, adds pain to ears
Life rolls non-stop with ubiquitous presence to mark its presence.

I try to decipher the language of life
Decryption of life?
My conscience began to ask
Yes, I try as might as I can, or possibly can
Each attempt to decrypt goes in vain
For every decryption becomes a deception
That traps me far deeper unto the web of my conscience.

I get up from the chair
With mindfulness my steps placed
Conscientiously I move myself
Forgetting everything that were in the past
Leaving the grip of everything that is going to be
I am now clothe in the present
I realize
I am decrypting life
I am learning to be alive
With the secrets embedded in life
Present unveils a little of the secret
The breathtaking mystery of time
The rest goes to make the life itself.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 250910


  1. life...why do we try to make sense of it? why do we spend so much time trying to decipher it instead of living it?
    Breathtaking mistery of life all in the present