Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Never trust the 'nextime'
For it may be too late
and the 'nextime' may never come.

If a word or two
In sorrowful request
Pays a visit to you
Never say 'nextime please'
For it may be too late.

That moment is this moment
not 'nextime'.
The soul comes to you
For a reason or two
Open the door of your heart
No matter if you lose a million in business
Because that million brings not the 'nextime'.

But, a paltry sum from that amount
in transaction can buy a wreath
a coffin or to pay the grave diggers
and place an obituary
and to say many good things.

Because that 'nextime'
Can mean anything, death too.

 ©cyclopseven.All rights reserved 220910

1 comment:

  1. Well said my fren. Never say 'next time', it maybe too late.
    Be good to one another. Help as much as we could.
    Things happen for reasons.

    It's a wonderful poem. A reminder to everyone.