Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sloughing their characters
With winning frequency
At every circumstances
They deceive me repeatedly.
They exuviate wickedness at every ticking second
In smiles and care, they show concern
Molten wickedness dissipates unto every capillary
I am hurt repeatedly.
In strangeness, I sit alone facing my shadow
Wonders upon wonders began to unveil in transparent layers
And, as each veil evaporates, I am seeing less human.


We are subtly the same with gross differences
But, some wearing wickedness 24 hours a day
Yet skillfully concealing the truest of the meanest self
With words and smiles made to glitter.


I may not be in full bloom of perfection
Yet wickedness is a strange world
A little anger
A little jealousy
A little hate
I may entertain
Still all are too painful to bear,
And fearful too,
Of the retribution to come.

But, wickedness?
Unbearably devilish

Oh Lord
Spare me from this.

Copyright©cyclopseven. 220810.


  1. So much pain in it. Hope you are doing fine. Take care.

  2. Evil may surround you but only you can open the door to how it affects you.

  3. seems u tried to open a strange door!