Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dark Paint

Night still speaks louder in darkness
Though spoiled by the neon
The silence that dawn as the night slips deeper
Knocked my heart open for a conscious stay.
I stand on my porch staring at the dotted sky
Flashes of asteroids travel speedily from one star to another
My heart captured that scene of bliss
What indeed is the mystery the space above speaks?
I may not understand the marvel of this creation
Yet, my feeling carries the strangest phenomenon
Subtly beyond the reach of thoughts
And, I know the night is not just a moment.

It is but
The master of my sleepless existence
And a painting brilliant in the absence of day.

Copyright©cyclopseven. 280810.


  1. I can feel the intimacy between you and night in your words, and this touches me.

  2. this is beautiful...there is a moment in the night, a moment when we feel in touch with something greater than that moment.

  3. Ah beautiful words I can feel the atmosphere of the night. I love the clear nights here in NZ when you see a million stars It is like magic

  4. lovely drawn the night, that sense bliss.