Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We are ancient, aren’t we?

We are ancient, aren’t we?
Each strand of modernism
Imbued with contemporary thoughts
Uproot us, the ancient people
From the layers of the ancient.
We are ancient, aren’t we?
The ancients keep us going
Yet we feel we are ever new
Breaking the borders of civilization
Experiencing contemporaneity.

We are never new,
The ever ancient wind
The ever ancient space
The ever ancient fire
The ever ancient earth
The ever ancient water
Sustain us ever.
And ancient they are,
So we must too.

Ancient we are, we will always be
Warped ideas weave the mind
In experiential contemporaneity we dissappear
Though, we are only anciently modernistic.
As my barefoot touches the earth
In nudity, I let my body courts the wind
And the sun warms my presence
After the early morning rain.

And, the spatial awareness
Tells me that I am ever ancient
A traveler from the past.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 030710.


  1. Yes, I too often feel a very very ancient soul....loved this Cyclops :)


  2. a balance we must find, ancient and modern.