Sunday, August 08, 2010

She is not just a tree…....

Taman Tasik, Pengkalan Hulu, Perak

Twenty-five years ago, I spent most of my days and nights under this tree, contemplating, weighing and arguing on various mysteries of life. I poured all my pains, grudges, grievances, hatred, love, appreciation, anger, depression, frustration, tolerance, intolerance, loss, gain, anticipations, and my tears on her roots. She bore all with patience and grew steadily without least compulsion. That is her beauty, an embodiment of nature. She listened to my woeful and cheerful stories. She helped me to relieve the bottled up emotions and freed me from the burdening suppression. She listened and listened without a sign of boredom, while graciously danced to the wind, consciously soothed the birds and unrelentingly kissed the atmosphere. I know she is no ordinary tree. I believe she is full of energy and vibration of healing capacity. I do not know how old is she, but I know she is many years older than I am, and wiser too.

Today I had the opportunity to step on the same soil again, and I went looking for her. She was there, as usual playful in her own way. Down deep, I knew that she was aware of my presence there. Though she did not extend her physical form to welcome me, the vibes she exuded was more than I could take. I stood near her, thanking her for the silent support, the time spent and for enduring my monotonous monologues, which later with her silent participation I deciphered as interactive dialogues between mind and nature. She is still the same, not much changes though, but this time around, the bench is empty with no one sharing their lives with her.

Suddenly, strange wishes seeped into my mind. I wish I were the earth that sustains her ever and the water that reflects her always and I wish I were the bird that perched on one of her many branches. I wish I were the sun that baths her with supreme light, I wish I were the wind that she always dances to.

Seconds passed by ticking into minutes. It is time for me to leave. I bowed to her within my mind, and I thanked her for all the good things shared and most of all for tolerating my non-stop grunts. Hope to see her soon and share many good things that happened to me in the last 25 years.

Thank you.

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  1. It's a beautiful tree. Your write touched my heart. I can feel that you are so connected to her. Hope to read more from you.Thank you my friend.

  2. Very beautiful tree!! When we were small children we also had a jamun tree near to our house. I also have very sweet memories of that tree.

  3. Wonderful thoughts which got me thinking about trees in my life. Thanks!

  4. never thought of a tree in that way but I have many times rested on one and let a tear out.
    Beautiful words.
    How do I follow your blog? haven't been able to!

  5. Hi M, thanks for the comment. You can follow me by clicking the FOLLOW button in my BLOG under THE SHADOWS THAT TRAIL ME, then choose the ACCOUNT you use to access your blog...just follow the instructions. Tq.

  6. beautifully described your sweet relationship with her. I wish she always remains there to share your thoughts and emotions.

    Inspiring post dear :)

  7. A wonderful tribute to a beautiful tree that has been such an integral part of your life! There is a very moving spirit in your words!

    Thank you for linking this to my Weekend Nature meme!