Monday, May 31, 2010

Humanity is, but I don’t belong to any….

I do not belong to rituals
Nor am I belong to any religion
I do not belong to any
If I do, I will betray many.
A path I choose to take me along this life
Yet I know I do not belong to the path choosen
And the path is not mine either
For that is just for me to travel all along
Towards the goal that lies far ahead.
I follow certain traditions not blindly but cautiously
Because my awareness tells me of narrowness which ensue,
By blind following of a tradition with least understanding
I fear I will be caged in this confusion forever.


Humanity spans far unto this universe
Not just man, animals too have humanness
I know we have failed many times, yet we disagree
In the name of race and religion we kill many.
The God in the throne somewhere in the highest heaven
And the God omnipresent, yet not in the creation
Together with the God, present in the creation
Are all but our conception of imagination.
We run wild with defensive sickness
I am on the right, mine is the only way
We cry, we lament and we spat at each other
End of the day, we pray to please the silent God.
In happiness we go to sleep thinking the divine is pleased
Leaving our other brethrens suffer in painful isolation
We dream of a future palace in an unseen heaven
With colorful bubbles and angels beautiful.
The heaven within, a hell we make with negativities
We follow the tides which come asailing us
Fighting narrowness without knowledge proper
We can hardly win the tidal waves that comes hither.

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  1. I really like the second part--both parts give a lot to ponder, thanks.