Saturday, May 29, 2010


                                 The inclement weather
                                       Cast a gloomy net
                                               Over nature, thus over me too.
               Rupturing the sanctity of my being
                   With assailing rust accumulated over the years
                      The emotional turbulence smiles
                            I know I am riddance of that smile.
The misty sight of the mystery
I ponder as my legs wander
Why the pain, my lord?
            Life gives a lot
           Too much  
                                 to consume
           Too much
                                 to bear too.
                                                             An insignia I wear within
                                                             Hiding from fearless fear
                                                            The pain, the pain, the pain, I moan.
            Is this all that I wonder
                  With hands clasped in prayer
                               Glued to my heart in symbolic language.
I smile, staring starkly at the gloomy clouds
Whither go you? I asked in silent discordance
The clouds gathered the answer in rainy showers.

I am crying alone.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 290510.


  1. The open skies affect our feelings, I know about that. It was a rainy day here in Miami and when the sun peeked out at 4pm, everything seemed a little brighter, the load a little lighter.

    Where've you been on FB?? Miss you, my friend.

  2. The language of pain is as recognizable world-wide as is the language of love - trust me my friend; you cry not alone.