Friday, April 16, 2010

Pain in vain

The cry is heard vividly
In the solemn night that fears no man
In pain he wriggles and groan
Unable to withstand the torture that pains.
Bloody wound peeled off the flesh
Red flesh dangles from the cheek
As he cries in pain unbearable
His tears rolled adding irritation unwanted.
Fragments of shrapnel pierced through the soft flesh
Peeling the chunk off the body
Colored by red river and made a valley therein.
Oh my god
Save me please, save me please
In tears he roll down the alley

Free me from this hell unknown
Heal me fast or release me now
Let my pain vanish
Or together my soul be banished.

The pain of war

Is a vain sore
Winner and loser
Equally shares the twinge.

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved  120906.

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