Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clouded auspiciousness (to the Tamils of Taprobane)

Today auspiciousness permeates
Many homes and minds
Wrinkles disappear in old
Joyful mood in many young faces.
Wishes invade the atmosphere
Sending forth prosperity and long live
Colored in different vestures
Divinely saturated feelings
Humanity of certain sects
Merrily wishes each other
Things of everlasting nature.

But, yonder in a place called Taprobane
Tamils miserably weeping in the mud
Mutated by bombs, blinded by fear
Tamils dictated to subdue to anarchy.
Another Auschwitz in the sight
A modern world we proclaim to live
Bestial suppression veils the camps of Taprobane
Tamil New Year dipped in the muddy water.

The war no more, yet they fight to defend
A clear precise message purposely twisted
To delineate and alienate Tamils of Taprobane
From the very homeland their forefathers belonged once.
New Year appears in sorrowful thatches
In the faces, clothes and the food
The life they live scarcely fit for human
Yet the rulers of Taprobane persist upon ignorance.

Decades have been swept by time
The war of weapon have been silenced by the world
The fate of the Tamils in Taprobane is like twilight darkness
Celebration is but a consolation clouded auspiciousness.
Liberate them liberate them I cry like million others
Deaf and dumb the Taprobanean leaders walk egoistically
The camps, another Auschwitz, another Auschwitz
And this Tamil New Year another teardrop in the mud.

The Land of Serendipity
lacks empathy!!

©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 140410.


  1. could you explain this poem? are the Tamil's those fighting in Sri Lanka?

  2. Yes Sage..the poem is about their struggle. The ancient Greeks and Romans called Sri Lanka - Taprobane. Now the war is over, but Tamils are still under constant discrimination and thousands are being detained in camps with deplorable conditions.