Sunday, March 21, 2010

Uncommon its becoming

Uncommon its becoming
man hardly extend hand without being noticed
generosity prompts many to help and care
pomposity comes along bringing tasteless taste
this kills the life of its aromatic sanctity
yet, man brags in a nook, “my heart is full of humanity”! ! .
riding on senses’ uncontrolled lead
many souls trudging waywardly downward
life’s purity - priority negated
humanity is but a word heartless
by forgotten mankind to forgotten souls.
expectation conquers every station,
from high to low, expectation a supreme play
nothing comes in void, today’s faithful faith
a belief held high on palanquin by man, the capitalists.
musical language spoken soothingly
melting the souls of frozen heart
yet to himself action speaks silently
but he expects others to step down and pull the rake
to clear the debris left behind by him
the so called man made man! !
material sweetness expands human goodness
an artificial life superficially lived,
pluck a desire of man
than a beast shall roam in nightmarish mood
avenging the stumbling blocks.
none is an exception
everyone lives in deception
deceived by none but our own perception
this mankind, void of unconditional love
shall forever live in utmost negation
of the higher world within humanity.

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